Special Thanks

I often get e-mails from Office fans who enjoy OfficeQuotes.net. Since I’m the only one who gets to read these, but I’m not the only one who puts effort into the quoting, I’d like to share the love with everyone who has helped. These are just a few of of the e-mails I’ve received!

Thank you so much for having this site!!! This is amazing I can’t tell you how awesome this site is. Now when I talk to my friends about the Office not only can we quote it but we can check our quotes! Thank you. -Rachael
I just want you to know, you are AWESOME. I love the show, and I am constantly using quotes from it. I had 2 other sites that I used for quote references and then I somehow stumbled upon yours, and yours BLOWS any other site away. best fake rolex I try and refer as many people to is as I can, its unbeatable. Thank you so much for your hard work, it really is appreciated. -Courtney
thank you thank you thank you!!! i love this website. i rarely get a chance to see a whole episode because i’m always at work when it’s on, so this is my favorite way to slack off in between renting seasons from the video store. and this way i can use my imagination and dress all my favorite characters in leotards and underoos while they play out the episode in my head! -Jolene
I stumbled on this site looking for the episode that had the deleted scene with Dwight changing his passwords and Jim knowing them all. haha. and all I have to say about this site is, u are awesome. -Sophia
HI! I read these all the time, at work, when I’m bored, and laugh to myself so thank you for making this site! […] Thanks again, this site saves my life!! 🙂 -Becky
Wonderful site,I am a huge office fan, and there are so many great quotes that I try finding. Here is where I can always find them! Keep up that fantastic work, nothing needs improving. P.S: The time it takes you to get the whole script quoted is amazing! -Jeremy
I just wanted to say that this is my favorite Office website. I love reading the episodes! Now it’s much easier to quote my favorite show! -Aubry
I am addicted to The Office, along with most of my family and close friends and we have started “The Office Quote of the Day Club”. I use your website every day to find my quote. Thanks for taking the time to do this for all of The Office junkies out there! -Catherine
Hi, I am a longtime fan of your site. I use it all the time to write my blogs for the NBC forum. I can’t even imagine how time you put into this site, but know it is greatly appreciated. 🙂 -scrantonbranch
I also want to tell you I use your site at least once a day. It is great to have a source with everything I have ever needed and will ever need to know about the office. Thank you so much! -Kendra
I just wanted to give you a HUGE thanks for making this website! The office is my favorite show of all time, and it is a precious resource to me! -Mandy
This website is AMAZING. You have provided me and my officemate with hours of enjoyment. And an interminable number of myspace and gmail quotes. Thank you. -Heather
This’ll probably come off as a little cheesy..but i just wanted to thank you for taking the time to make this website and keep it running. it’s one of my favorite places to visit where i am always guaranteed a laugh, no matter how i’m feeling. just wanted to let you know it’s appreciated :)!! have a great day. -Greth
I just wanted to say how much i LOVE the site. I live in Australia so we’re only at the beginning of Season 3,(dont want to ruin it by looking ahead) but i’ve been reading quotes from 1&2 and my god you have done such a good job!!! A really good job!! Love the site! -Lydia
You rock!! I love office quotes!! They make me laugh! Keep up the good work!! You should be an English professor at Cor-not University… -Kendra
Oh my gosh! You are the most brilliant person on the planet! This is, like, my favorite show of all time and reading it over just makes it even better! -Dana
I just wanted to let you know how much I adore your website. I play a Office trivia game online and if I am every stumped, all I have to do is check out your site. You’re awesome!! -Michelle
I just want to say thank you for the wonderful site. I’m an Office fanatic from Ireland, and I get the DVDs shipped from America as soon as each series comes out, but without your site I’d have to wait months before I got any scent of new episodes. Reading the transcripts doesn’t at all spoil my pleasure in finally seeing the programmes, since the actors and directors make it into something so much more than the bare words. In fact, it only makes my anticipation even keener. Well done and keep it up! -Maolsheachlann
Hi, I really enjoy your site! Me and two of my co-workers are HUGE Office fans and always sign on to the site Fridays and send quotes to each other. Productive? Probably not, but really fun! -Michelle
First and foremost – thank you for this site. I’m a huge office fan and this website is like the quote bible for any office fan. It’s perfect. -Kelly
Love your site. gets me through my work day. My wife and I own all of the seasons and didn’t have TV for the summer, so I can sort of visualize all of them when I read them 🙂 -Chuck
thanks for all you do…i love this freakin’ site! 🙂 -sweetcheeks
I absolutely love the Office. Great job. This site rocks!-Jason

Note: If at anytime you would like your name or quote removed for privacy reasons, don’t hesitate to let me know!