The Accountants, Webisode 08 “You’re Mean”

Written by Michael Schur and Paul Lieberstein
Directed by Randall Einhorn

Kevin: He is still in there.
Angela: Yeah, we know.

Oscar: Basically, we’re convinced that Michael took the missing $3,000, so we’re waiting until he leaves his office so we can go in and search for evidence. When I say it out loud, it really doesn’t seem like a good idea.

Oscar: He said he was leaving right at 5:00.
Kevin: What time is it now?
Angela: You don’t have a watch?
Kevin: It’s slow.
Angela: You can’t look at the clock up there?
Kevin: Well, you can’t just tell me what time it is?
Angela: I think people should be self-sufficient.
Kevin: I think you’re mean.
Oscar: Okay, guys, let’s just wait for him to leave.
Kevin: What are you doing tonight? Wanna get a beer?
Oscar: I can’t. I have errands to run.
Kevin: What are you doing?
Oscar: I’m going to the mall. I need a new wok. Just stuff like that.
Kevin: What happened to your old wok?
Oscar: Nothing. Nothing. I just want a new wok, there’s a new one…
Angela: You know, I’m not mean. I’m just demanding. I’m sorry if I was mean.
Kevin: It’s okay.
Angela: Thank you.

Oscar: That was uncomfortable.

Oscar: Angela, Angela.
Kevin: Shh, shh.
Angela: Okay, let’s go.
Kevin: This is so much fun.
Angela: It’s not supposed to be fun. …Again, sorry.
Kevin: [imitating Animal House’s Bluto] Get it?
Oscar: What is it?
Kevin: Animal House. You guys are breaking my spirit.

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