The Accountants, Webisode 07 “Things Are Getting Tense”

Written by Michael Schur and Paul Lieberstein
Directed by Randall Einhorn

Angela: We are missing $3,000. Things are getting tense.

Oscar: Wait. Here, I found it! Here it is! $2,800 returned to petty cash. Angela, I forgot to sign in the money.
Angela: Okay. Yeah.
Oscar: It’s got to be it.
Kevin: Oops. Um, I took that and then I briefly lost it, but then the Pistons beat the Cavs, and so now I’m returning it all back. Go Pistons. But this is completely unrelated to the other $3,000.
Angela: You gambled petty cash?
Kevin: Yeah, but I won, didn’t I?
Angela: That’s not the point. How are we supposed to believe you didn’t take the other $3,000?
Kevin: ‘Cause I’m telling you that I didn’t.
Oscar: You have to admit, man, this looks a little suspicious.
Kevin: Oh, suspicious. Well, how come Angela suddenly has a new necklace, all of a sudden?
Angela: My friend gave it to me.
Oscar: What friend?
Angela: Diane… Chester… Snydburgh.
Oscar: What? That’s not even close to being a real person.
Angela: Well, it’s none of your business who gave it to me. But, I didn’t steal any money.
Kevin: You guys, this is stupid, that we’re turning on each other. That is exactly what they want us to do.
Oscar: Who?
Kevin: The guys who stole the money.
Angela: All right, you know, there’s only one more thing to do. We have to investigate Michael.

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