About OfficeQuotes.net

OfficeQuotes.net is a fan-site and a quote resource for the NBC television show “The Office.” It is the most exhaustive Office quotes resource site on the net. For each episode, you’ll find what is essentially a transcript, broken down into separate quotes listed in sequential order. There are dozens of Office fan-sites that have a funny quotes section, but OfficeQuotes.net has them all. Any line ever said, you can easily find it here.

In late 2006, I started this website and began transcribing episodes. I would watch a scene, pause it, type it up, unpause it, rinse and repeat. When I was done, I would format it with HTML and CSS, then upload it here. Initially, the process took around three hours (!) to do one episode. The third episode I transcribed was The Convention. When I was done, I accidentally overwrote the text file with a blank file. I was so frustrated that I gave up on the site for around three months. Then I became an active community member in the LifeInTheOffice.com forums. I made a lot of friends, and decided as a last ditch effort for the site, to ask for help. The response I got was overwhelming, and people generously offered to help me transcribe the episodes. A month later, nearly all episodes were completed, including many deleted scenes and even the NBC.com Webisodes. This site would not be possible without the overwhelming support of my fellow Office fans.

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